Kyle Peters

What can I say about Jimmy Neese, he's and awesome guy, amazing teacher, and a great friend! I was with Jim for about 4 or 5 years and he got me to the top of my game! My technic got better the first day! Jim got me to where I am now and I cant thank him enough! So if your looking to improve your riding skills this is the place to be!!!!!!!

Broc Tickle

I don't think I would be where I am in my career without Jim. Jim was the turning point for me, I made the decision I wanted to take this serious when I was 13 and Jim was the guy close by and had a lot of experience. I stayed with my granny in Greensboro during the summers of 2003-2005. I was with Jim and he got me on the path of success. He had me on a program and it was fun for both of us. I was a 6-10th place guy at the amateur nationals and in 2004 I won my first Moto at Loretta's. Jim gave me the advice and confidence to do what we both believed I could. In 2004 and 2005 at Loretta's I came home with 2 podiums in the classes I entered and in 2006 got my first and only Loretta's championship. I can't thank Jim enough for getting me on the path for success and for most of all keeping it fun.

Matt Burkeen

This summer, I went to Jim Neese's Rider Development trying to get ready for Loretta's, and it was surely a success. With the classes taking place at a great track, Speed Compound Mx, me and other riders got to practice all kinds of conditions like rough, thick, and even muddy. After this, I went from my goal of maybe getting in the top 10 to almost cracking the top 5 in both classes. These classes can definitely help anyone from all ages and skill level. I have seen Jim work with kids of all ages and have also seen improvements in all of them. It is just a great fun place to go and learn how to ride better and faster. So if you want to get better and impress people at the track, hit up Jim Neese Rider Development.

Ryland Tousey

To start off with I want to say just how awesome Jim Neese is as a trainer! I just started training with Jim a few months back but I have already improved a ton! I can go out for one lap and he can pick out pretty much everything I am doing wrong and tell me how to fix it! He really helps you know how to get around the corners very fast and every other part of the track as well. Once you train with Jim, even for the first time, your riding technique will improve so much and you will be a lot quicker than you were. Not only do I get faster and learn more every time I train with Jim, but I always have fun! He is always in a good mood during his classes and he is just a really great guy. If you are looking for an excellent trainer I would definitely recommend Jim Neese! I'm 14yrs old and I raced my first MX series this spring. I won 2 championships and was awarded "Most Improved Rider". That says a lot about JNRD and how effective the classes were for me.

Michael Dochety

We invited Jim in April 2010 to an African Safari trip, the training I had with Jim was intense, instructional, but great fun. Jim helped with my cornering but most of all was my starts he helped with tremendously. Jim and I trained and rode for 2 weeks and he worked out a great training program for me. With the help of Jim my riding has improved tremendously and I'm now a top contender in my class. In my opinion if you want to be a better rider than Jim Neese Rider Development is the place to go! #918 South Africa


I as a parent of a motocross racer do highly recommend Jim Neese (Jim Neese Rider Development). This is my son's 3rd year of racing motocross in the beginning he was a little rough, he went to Jim Neese Rider Development and came out a winner. He was a lot faster in the turns, he could get through the ruts a lot better. Jim takes time with each individual, to help them with their own needs to develop a great racer. My son continues to go to Jim's each year to better himself and work with Jim on the areas that he needs improvement. After working with Jim he has won championships and is more confident in his riding. Jim Neese brings out the best in motocross riders. It takes someone like Jim, that cares and will work with each individual on their needs, to help them to improve and be more confident and bring home championships.

Dana Norwood

I am 43yrs old and took Jim's class, I learned new techniques, better positioning, cornering with much more speed, and more, WOW! I really didn't think I would learn so much, and it also reinforced what I knew but really had to put it into practice in the class. Just because your older and been riding forever, don't think Jim can't teach you anything! He will get you riding the way you should be, and safely so you can ride for many more years! Give him a call! I'm really glad I did.

Zach's Dad

I just wanted to make a few comments about Jim's training. Zach has basically lived with Jim for the past three summers and even though it hot and hard work, he can't wait to go back. Plus, we've attended many 1 day classes. Besides learning wicked fast speed in corners, you learn to find the fastest lines on a track. Jim's teaching style overall is positive motivation. And Jim's just an all-around good guy - I wouldn't just leave my son with anyone. I highly recommend his classes to anyone, regardless of age or skill level